HIMITSU issue 1 & issue 2


A series of book designs about secrets, “HIMITSU”, including 2 issues.
This is a project about people’s untold secrets. Over 100 responses from online anonymous questioners were gathered. Based on those answers, I then created and edited 30 stories. Issue 1 goes from the point of subjective “US”, while issue 2 is what we see from others, hence reflects who we are.
Visually, I separate it by different materials, papers, photos, and packaging. Overall, issue 1 can be described as “deep, hollow, unseen” while issue 2 is “clear, light, displayed”. I used French fold for both issues to cover each secret with a photograph. This is a protection, a mimic, and a camouflage. Readers must uncover this layer to reach the hidden secrets.
I was trying to focus on experimentation and innovation when creating this whole project. I was thinking of book design and editorial design as not part of commercial practice, but something that has a strong artistic expression.