“TWINS: Doubleness in the Development of Art” is a catalogue of the idea of doubleness, or dualism, in art from different cultures, times, and of mediums.
12 pairs of artworks in total are presented, alongside with 12 pairs of keywords. The goal of this archive is to document, present, and discuss how doubleness has been a fundamental way of thinking throughout human history, leading to such an abundant amount of art as self-reflection, tools to make sense of the world and our philosophical thinking bi-products; also to celebrate the diversity within this general concept.
This catalogue defines art as a loose practice, including visual art, written journals, fictions, to myths, and beyond. Art records how we’ve become mature thinkers from pure observers, how people from different times and areas believe in a universal ideology.
The book is divided into two parts, the left and the right, each indicates one side of the doubleness pair. For example, the sun & the moon, the angle & the demon, and the comedy & the tragedy. Readers can flip both pages to view the corresponding artworks and explanation.