A project designed based on the prompt "calendar" and a location back in my hometown, Shanghai, where there is a staircase I encounter everyday which I've started recording since 2014.
When paralleling my photo records with my journal back then, I decide to make my emotion and events happened in the past as the main clue, and to create an endless loop broken only at the beginning/ the end using images and texts. This project is finally presented as printed cards that can be assembled into an accordion booklet, with one side starting white with abstract shapes and colours, and the other starting black with texts to tell a story. I include my own writings being taken down into fragments on each page that complete a story from top to bottom. And the shapes are direct recreations of the photo footages, with a twist so that it gets more abstract towards the end.
By doing so I would like to discuss whether our memories are more distinguished and vivid than the real world when we push ourselves into it. A flashback into the psychedelic nostalgia, like poison.