A set of posters designed based on El Lissitzky’s design manifesto "Topography of Typography”. I tend to express my personal attitude of doubting if this manifesto should be the Bible of designers now, or in the future.
I use colours and shapes to represent 2 sides, my doubt and the original manifesto. As the posters progress through No.1 to No.8, texts lose legibility and the black finally gets consumed by the red. I am exploring the notion of motion in still images as individual posters that exist as a whole set to question whether there is an ultimate never-changing standard in design. The original manifesto listed below:

The words on the printed sheet are learnt by sight, not by hearing.

Ideas are communicated through conventional words, the idea should be given form through the letters.

Economy of expression - optics instead of phonetics.

The designing of the book-space through the material of the type, according to the laws of typographical mechanics, must correspond to the strains and stresses of the content.

The design of the book-space through the material of the illustrative process blocks, which give reality to the new optics. The supernaturalistic reality of the perfected eye.

The continuous page-sequence - the bioscopic book.

The new book demands the new writer. Inkstand and goose-quill are dead.

The printed sheet transcends space and time. The printed sheet, the infinity of the book, must be transcended.